Myklebost team members

In Oslo I have a 3% (!) affiliation with the Molecular Biology of sarcomas Group of Jørgen Wesche, where I still have several active team members.

tatjana-gTatiana Georgiesh is a PhD student cosupervised by Bodil Bjerkehagen. Her project is “Investigation of somatic mutations as diagnostic tool, malignancy grade determination and as prognostic factors in soft tissue sarcomas”, funded by the grant from Krafttak mot Kreft (The Cancer Society) to NoSarC.

80x_166a4ebc9cd82c7219fdab5ce5abc4e7iwonaIwona Grad is a postdoc on the project “A search for sarcoma drug sensitivities”, funded by the Cancer Society


80x_07f47adbac3893b661bc145210e5d933monamlMona Mari Lindeberg
 is a technician responsible for general group projects, funded by the Radium Hospital Research Foundation.


80x_3ef369f5403a02559fbd1285a6a7f8deelse_muntheElse Munthe is a postdoc employed on the “Mesenchymal Cancer Medicine” project, a part of NoSarC, currently funded by the US Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative.


stine-nStine Næss is a research nurse employed on the NoSarC project, finding the sarcoma patients, asking for consents, and making sure samples are collected. Her position is funded from various sources, including donations.

80x_ff3d4c78500d77f81aa0d40807296717evawpEva Wessel Stratford is a postdoc employed on the NoSarC subproject “Towards individualized therapy for orphan cancer”, currently funded by the US Liddy Shriver Sarcoma Initiative.

I am also supervising an external PhD student on a law project with Jan Helge Solbakk as PI and connected to NCGC:

heidibbHeidi Beate Bentzen on the project “Legal Regulation of Information Processing relating to Personalized Cancer Medicine”, funded by the Norwegian Research Council.