KidImmune, – immunological mechanisms in pediatric cancer

In this project we are investigating antibodies in the blood of cancer patients, initially to search for anti-tumour antibodies. Such antibodies could arise due to mutations or modifications to proteins expressed by the tumour that made them appear as “foreign” to the immune system, and could be developed into diagnostics or new therapies. We are cautious to reveal tto much about what we found until the results have been published. However, the findings appear to have implications not only for sarcomas, but for in particular pediatric cancers.

We are happy and a bit proud that we have received grants from the Cancer Society’s Pioneer program, the Childhood Cancer Society and now a generous grant from the Trond Mohn Foundation to validate our prelimiary findings together with the Centre for Translational Epidemiology (TRACE) at UiB.

Researcher, dr. Anastassia Serguienko made the initial discovery that now has developed into a very exciting project, and even attracted considerable funding without published data. She is now, together with postdoc Jeetesh Sharma, funded and working full time on the many questions remaining. More in Norwegian: Les mer om prosjektet og pionerutlysningen på kreftforeningens sider.