Understanding and curing sarcomas


Having moved to the University of Bergen, it takes a while to make a new web site, so please accept some deficiencies.

We are partners of the new KGH Jebsen Centre for Genome-directed Cancer Therapy at UiB, led by Per Eystien Lønning.

Postdoc opportunity

In my sarcoma project we are now analyzing the sequence of all genes in 300 pairs of normal/cancer samples, and I need a postdoc with a feeling for cancer genomics and biology, and with abilities in or interest in pursuing deep computer analysis. The plan then would be to apply for funding from UiB, the Cancer Society, the Research Council, and Helse Vest. 

A background in cell and molecular biology or genetics, cancer biology or medicine, or relevant bioinformatics would be preferable, but not mandatory. Please send a CV and letter of interest to me in good time before the various deadlines.

Contact ola.myklebost-at-uib.no, tel +47-5558-4565
Haukeland, Laboratoriebygget, Room 5365

Jeg har nå flyttet til Bergen, der jeg er professor ved universitetet og forsker ved Haukeland Sykehus, men har fortsatt en tilknytning til mitt gamle arbeidssted på Radiumhospitalet.