Publications 2011

Buddingh EP, Kuijjer ML, Duim RAJ, Bürger H, Agelopoulos K, Myklebost O, Serra M, Hogendoorn PCW, Lankester AC, Cleton-Jansen AM (2011) Metastasis suppression by tumor-infiltrating macrophages in high-grade osteosarcoma. Clin Cancer Res 2011 17:2110-2119 PDF

Hjortland GO, Meza-Zepeda LA, Beiske K, Ree AH, Tveito S, Hoifodt H, Bohler PJ, Hole KH, Myklebost O, Fodstad Ø, Smeland S, Hovig E (2011) Potential therapeutic targets revealed by genome-wide screening of metastatic cells: Case report BMC Cancer 11:455 PDF 

Kresse SH, Meza-Zepeda LA, Machado I, Llombart-Bosch A, Myklebost O (2011) Genomic validation of preclinical xenograft models of human sarcoma reveals recurrent loss of aberrations Cancer 118: 558–570 PDF Supplementary data

Kuijjer ML, Namlos HM, Hauben EI, Machado I, Kresse SH, Serra M, Llombart-Bosch A, Hogendoorn PCW, Meza-Zepeda LA, Myklebost O, Cleton-Jansen AM (2011) mRNA expression profiles of primary high-grade central osteosarcoma are preserved in cell lines and xenografts BMC Medical Genomics, 4:66 PDF

Müller CR (2011) Novel approaches to the treatment of high-grade sarcoma. PhD Thesis, University of Oslo ISBN 978-82-8264-004-6 No 1112 PDF

Ohnstad HO, Paulsen EB, Noordhuis P, Berg M, Lothe RA, Vassilev L, Myklebost O (2011) Pharmacological interaction of the MDM2 antagnist Nutlin-3a and cytotoxic drugs in sarcoma cell lines BMC Cancer 11:211  PDF 

Stratford EW, Castro R, Wennerstrőm AB, Holm R, Munthe E, Lauvrak S, Bjerkehagen B, Myklebost O. Combined ALDH and CD133 expression defines a stem-like cancer cell population in liposarcoma xenograft Clin Sarcoma Res 1:8PDF

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