At UiB I have one group member:

Anastassia Serguienko is a postdoc employed on a grant from the Research Council, in a collaboration with OncoImmunity to investigate the presence of neoantigens in our NosarC samples, with the aim to identify predictive markers or novel strategies for immune therapy.

In Oslo I have a 3% (!) affiliation with the Molecular Biology of sarcomas Group of Jørgen Wesche, where I still have one PhD student.

tatjana-gTatiana Georgiesh is a PhD student cosupervised by Bodil Bjerkehagen. Her project is «Investigation of somatic mutations as diagnostic tool, malignancy grade determination and as prognostic factors in soft tissue sarcomas», funded by the grant from Krafttak mot Kreft (The Cancer Society) to NoSarC.

I am also supervising an external PhD student on a law project with Jan Helge Solbakk as PI and connected to NCGC:

heidibbHeidi Beate Bentzen on the project «Legal Regulation of Information Processing relating to Personalized Cancer Medicine», funded by the Norwegian Research Council.